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Original price £399.99
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  • No dirty water residue
  • Powerful dirt and stain removal
  • Refresh your carpet after every wash
  • Speed up drying

Customer Reviews

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Anita F.
Carpet cleaner

This is a wonderful carpet cleaner. The drying feature is very nice. The only objection would be that it only holds 1/2 gallon of water/solution

Less wait time to dry carpet

Got this to clean our carpet especially with a baby and dog at home.

It has heated function to help dry the carpet while washing it which save some time to dry.
Good suction so not much water left on the carpet.
Easy to use. Just pour water and solution and turn it on.

Automatic mode is hard to change manually if I want to work on one tough spot
Small water tank (but still get the work done and one tank can work for 2 less than 100sq room each. )

Sneaker Freak
Rugs are new again

I opened the Tineco carpet cleaner and was amazed how clean it made my area rug after seven years of wear and tear.

Extremely east to use! Very Impressive.

This out best my $500 run doctor with out a doubt. The way was so black it looked like mud. It uses muck less waster and still is extremely effective.

Caleb Reynolds
Heat Dry makes the difference.

So, i have owned carpet cleaners most of my life. Usually bissels or whatever was on a good sale at walmart. I chose to spend more this time primarily for the heated dry. My biggest problems with retail carpet cleaners is that they leave your carpet soaking wet even the rental ones at home depot/pets smart/kroger etc.

I honestly wish the blow dryer built in to this thing was maybe even warmer. It says it blows at 80F but i wonder how great this would be if it blew at 90-100F. That would still be perfectly safe for all carpet. Either way, as it is it left my area rug and thick carpet i would say 95% dry. The suction is exceptional and the water spread is good.

The sensors i feel like arent the greatest. For instance, the moisture sensor is OK, but it will say your floor is dry or as dry as it will get but run a couple if passes over the same spots and the sensor will change its mind on that.

I haven't developed a way to test if the dirt sensor is accurate or not. Considering you clean your carpet maybe once every 6 months or once a year, it doesn't make any sense to me to use the Auto mode at all. Like, the suction and heat dry is incredible. I found myself just switching between full spray and dry mode. When I did use auto mode, it was always spraying. It never never stopped even though it said it decreased the spray to 20%. Why? Why have that as a feature.

The tineco solution also did a great job on stains. Theres other stuff I know of out there that does just as good for cheaper but ill use this till its gone because it came with it.

One last thing I liked is that the machine turns off when you stand it upright and then cuts back on when you lower the back. Very nice for moving stuff mid clean as you dont have to fluctuate your power as hard if you have trippy breakers. A nice small touch feature that showed some thoughtfulness from the manufacturer.

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